Mallorca Harmonization Home Redistribute and inhabit all the spaces with new functions so that it results in a balance in the whole of the residence, cooperating in expressing the new discourse of life.

Hotel Innside Palma

Mallorca Harmonization Hotel Innside Palma A diagnosis through feng Shui suggests a slight movement that harmonizes, improves and enhances business management and coexistence in the organization.

Life Dome

Costa Rica Architecture Life Dome This tourism project considers constructive strategies in response to bioclimatic factors and natural models for structural protection barriers in a geodesic dome.


Costa Rica Architecture CasaK This residential project with uninterrupted views of the horizon where you can contemplate nature, is the result of the game between open and closed spaces, which emulates the natural movement of breathing.


Costa Rica Landscape Conttavo A landscaping intervention that incorporates a swimming pool, deck, gardens and suggestive access routes that provide privacy between rooms and the existing house, for a tourist project.


Costa Rica Architecture Gourmetry The challenge of transforming a small space next to a high traffic road, into a commercial but intimate and exclusive place where you can share a coffee and enjoy gourmet local products.

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