"You bring the intention; we bring the conditions"


The founding idea came from the vocational and professional synergy between Katya Benavides and Daniel Roibal when sharing a cup of coffee. From that meeting, the team members have been appearing in an organic and natural way, joining the project, enriching it with their visions and know-how.

We are a group of professionals, who are moved by common desires. Each one with its own style and life path, as the garden metaphor dictates, where we find different species of flowers and plants, but which together form the beautiful garden. Each member brings their best talent and intention and therefore by sharing the trend, the result arises spontaneously with rigor and dedication from the development of their own vocations and the desire for life fulfillment.

A famous biochemist and molecular biologist, university professor Carlos López Otín said: that curiosity is the best strategy for longevity. That is why in HF, we don’t stop investigating and exploring. One of the most enriching things about this project is working as a team, sharing ideas, doubts and achievements.

Discover every ingredient

Katya Benavides Morera

Architect and Landscaper

I was born and grew up in a rural area, always in direct contact with nature and family life..

I studied architecture with a particular interest in its relationship with the natural environment, I expanded studies in landscaping and graphic design, activities that I developed as an independent professional. Over the years I joined the tourism sector, which at the same time led me to pursue a master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. I had the opportunity to extend knowledge in hydrotherapy, spa and wellness; concepts that made me aware, grateful and give value to my daily environment.

I have contributed to community work, in non-profit organizations, for the environmental well-being of the community.

Daniel Roibal

Coach, illustrator and harmonizer of spaces

After studying economics and law and using this knowledge professionally, I find authentic vocation in the disciplines as illustrator, space harmonizer and tutor of creativity and spirituality groups within the development of the human side of companies.

As a result of experience as a consultant and trainer for fifteen years. Having obtained the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) as coach from the International Coaching Foundations, as well as it complements me being an instructor of healthy and efficient spaces through the European School of Feng Shui. I apply this knowledge designing experiences and strategies of well-being and wellness in the field of Corporate Wellness and Soul Wellness.

I love napping, reading, researching about motivations through beliefs and spirituality, and why not to have a couple of fried eggs in company.


Caro Delgado - Cebolla caramelizada

Caro Delgado López Calleja

Architect and Coach

In my life there is an interesting symbiosis between my work as an Architect-Entrepreneur and my work as a Life Coach. Through architecture I seek to be an agent of change in cities and communities, and as a certified Life-Coach, it gives me great satisfaction to be able to put tools at the service of the work team and clients that make it easier to discover their own potential and achieve dreams.

La experiencia como voluntaria en trabajo humanitario por más de 15 años, realizado paralelamente al estudio y ejercicio de la arquitectura, me enseñó a tener una visión más humana de la vida y a aprender que entre los voluntarios y los damnificados se daba un significativo intercambio, unos recibían la oportunidad de dar, otros daban la oportunidad de recibir, y fue en esa experiencia donde se gestó mi interés por ayudar a las personas no solo a satisfacer sus necesidades de techo y sustento, sino también la de conquistarse a sí mismos y alcanzar metas de crecimiento interior y contribución.

Experience as a volunteer in humanitarian work for more than 15 years, carried out in parallel with the study and practice of architecture, taught me to have a more human vision of life, and to learn that there was a significant exchange between volunteers and party affected, some received the opportunity to give, others gave the opportunity to receive, and it was in that experience that my interest in helping people was born not just meeting your needs for shelter and sustenance but also that of conquering themselves, and reaching goals of inner growth and contribution.

I love stimulating, inspiring and fun conversations. I love getting up early, watching the sunrise and feeling like I am reborn with the day. I am passionate about studying and sharing my learnings with friends and clients. I am passionate about studying and sharing my learnings “in color” with my friends and clients.

I lead a healthy and uncomplicated lifestyle that always combines a time in the country and another in the city.
Step Martínez - Bacon

Step Martínez Canals

Forest Bathing Facilitator

The professional experience of more than 25 years in the banking and finance sector, it has given me the possibility of evaluating risks, enjoying every moment, without distractions and thanking each event that has occurred. .

My family roots in the Sóller valley have made me born with a passion for the Sierra de Tramuntana guiding friends to the treasure of the “Ruta de Pedra en Sec”. It has been 3 years since I started a particular pilgrimage in search of my most intimate and authentic values through the 7 routes of Camí de Lluc, tuning in with the beauty and harmony of nature. I am a promoter of the activity “Science gathering”, I am a member of the Associació En Conciencia and a founding member of the Associació de Banys de Boscs de les Illes Balears.

I consider myself efficient, friendly and balanced and it is easy for me to connect with people when they invite me to a common and collective project, from love, sensitivity and care.

After years as a guide and pilgrim on routes through the natural landscapes of Mallorca, and enriched by the certifications granted by the Forest Therapy Institute as a guide of Forest Bathing, and professional of Forest Therapy, I join the Huevos Fritos community with curiosity and desire to share the resources learned. Project that gives me a sense of belonging to a constructive and proactive group willing to plant honest and humble seeds in society.


Lara González - Sal

Lara González Granados

Community Manager and Journalism student

I don’t remember when I discovered that traveling was so exciting. Over the years, I have had different opportunities to see hidden places and show it through my texts or photographs. Being born in a digital environment has made technologies and social networks part of me, another form of vindication and revolution.

Positivity, creative ideas, motivation are qualities that define my lifestyle and my way of working.

I study journalism and audiovisual communication in Mallorca and I have worked in traditional media such as Diario de Mallorca and in the communication office of Tirme. At present, I write in Crónica Balear about the tourism and culture of Mallorca.

Thanks to work experiences, I have been able to experience and meet first-hand people who have planted seeds of inspiration in me.

Fabián Madrigal - Queso

Fabián Madrigal López


Fan of simplicity and other’s passion. Walker without way in many meanings, but every step lover. With studies bussiness management, I had a couple jobs in bank and sells, years later, the camera helped me to discover new roads, new ways of seeing live and new people. By the way I’m still in that way. I was born in a beautiful place, which made me appreciate what around us.
Trekking, discovering new places, exploring my country, creating stories, these are some of the things I most enjoy.




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