Wellbeing Experiences

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The best way to learn and integrate concepts, in short, to evolve and develop as human beings, is through lived experiences that remain in our memories. The path to a full life, the path to personal development, is nurtured by different and integrated levels of expression such as emotional, physical, intellectual and intuitive, and addresses the individual, social and transcendental dimensions of the human being. From the joy of and personal commitment to adding wisdom to our existence, each person in their particular way of perception and interpretation.

An Asian saying says: If you want knowledge, add a little every day. If you want wisdom, remove a little every day..

Wellbeing Tourism is developed for companies in the tourism sector, such as agencies, lodges and tour operators especially committed to the development of people, the social and environmental surroundings; through the design of experiences whether they are routes, retreats or tours of different formats.

* Retreats: experiences of 3 nights 4 days, based in a unique lodge.

* Routes: experiences of 6 nights 7 days based in 2 different lodges in 2 areas of complementary and different physiognomy.

* Tours: experiences of varied format throughout a day.

Corporate Wellness deployed on one hand, through meetings of Creativity, Outdoors Dopamine and Coaching Group, and secondly, proposing strategies to integrate into the development programs of the human side of business.

All these experiences are focused on becoming aware of our capabilities and areas for improvement, to find meaning in life and to inspire the appearance of a challenge or personal or group purpose through use of different tools and dynamics. Immersing oneself in the states of stillness, conducting small games and activities, physical exercise, and exploring the world of beliefs and emotional intelligence are some of the opportunities we offer.

We often use the metaphor of Human Gardening in our experiences, the legacy of our friend and teacher Enrique Mariscal, philosopher and writer, who authorized us to use it, baptizing us as human gardeners.

Our objective is to provide the appropriate conditions to incorporate all types of people with attention to the different forms of expression preferred by each one. The workshops take place in natural settings to take advantage of the force and teachings of its presence, they are exclusive and custom designed depending on the place and environment where they are held.