Due to the demand for wellness services, understood as integral wellness that encompasses each one of the dimensions of the human being: mind, body, emotion, society, environment, transcendentality sense and spatial dimension—this new dimension proposed by us—we decided to join professional and vocational expertise to create an enterprise and brand HuevosFritos®

The natural evolution of the term wellness gives room to wellbeing; wellness seeks happiness, wellbeing, as it is asserted by theologist Pablo D’Ors, is a longing for fulfillment, no exempted from efforts and contradictions. One can have the firm intention to work its fulfillment and not be particularly happy.

We invite you to acquire and experience our services, from enthusiasm, daring and the capacity for wonder. With a sense of commitment to one's own experience, which leads to obtaining a greater degree of vital awareness, contact with joy and staying more often on the path of happiness and fullness.

Katya & Daniel


Mission (what)::

Design comprehensive personal development and healthy, harmonious and empowering spaces.

Vision (why):

Developing our talent and vocation, sustainably, in order to provide adequate conditions for the wellbeing and for people 's being-well.





It is the ability to generate new ideas or ways of seeing the everyday. From existing concepts HF creates associations to generate an original proposal.


Literally means “love for life”. We nurture sensitivity to nature, which causes in us a sense of close connection with it.


It is the action of “going beyond” or the state of being “beyond”, with respect to something. We are distinguished by a desire to transcend towards well-being and full life, in oneness with the whole.


Set of actions to achieve a result. Based on the knowledge and tools learned, we propose a method with its own style.

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