Wellbeing Spaces

Design I Harmonization

Each and every one of the spaces that we inhabit, of which we are protagonists, narrate a story. Are a reflection of our values and our way of expressing our own life experience. Our first responsibility is to find through intentional listening, what is the essence of what the client seeks, what the space and the context suggest as well. The experience and the training upgrades of the team of HF, leads us to propose the Spatial Dimension of Wellness -as one more dimension of Integral Wellness- that makes us aware of the influence that the spaces that we inhabit have in our lives, through interaction with them to reinforce the path of well-being and fullness.

Aesthetics, functionality and respect for the social and environmental surroundings are concepts that we apply to the design of new sustainable and creative projects that excite the client.

We develop harmonization through Feng Shui, which proposes to adapt the function, form, colors and textures to the objectives of the people who inhabit the spaces, both created and newly designed; to allow the efforts and energy deposited in them to neither stagnate nor leak.

Be it design or harmonization, we take the challenge in the corporate, residential, touristic and landscape sectors, as well as in spaces destined to explore the states of stillness, so suitable for wellness and wellbeing.

We encourage you to know first-hand the philosophy and implementation of some projects.