We design experiences and spaces for the soul

By exploring the dimensions of integral well-being we can come to legitimize ourselves from the being; as a minimal and vulnerable seed from which everything springs; in order to abound, if we feel the longing, in the paths of well-being and full life. Paths not exempt from contradictions and efforts, a reflection of how we interpret our uncertain existence.

Katya & Daniel

Goal (what):

Create and impart experiences of integral personal development and design healthy, harmonious and empowering spaces.

Vision (what for):

Develop our talent and vocation, in a sustainable way, in order to provide the right conditions for the wellness and wellbeing of people.

Our values

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It is the ability to generate new ideas or ways of seeing the daily life. From existing concepts HF creates associations to generate an original proposal.


It literally means "love to life". We feed sensitivity for nature, which causes a sense of close connection with it.


The action of "going beyond" or the state of being "beyond", with respect to something. We are distinguished by a longing to transcend towards the wellbeing and full life.


Set of actions to achieve a result. Based on the knowledge and tools learned, we propose a method with its own style.


We love sharing. Meet us.

The founding idea emerged from the vocational and professional synergy between Katya Benavides and Daniel Roibal when they shared a cup of coffee. From that meeting, the different members of the team have appeared organically and naturally. Enriching the project through his unique vision, life journey and professional development.

Katya Benavides M.

Fried Egg

His architecture and landscaping studies, as well as his extensive experience and knowledge in the tourism sector, enrich the design of experiences and spaces. Providing an integrated and sustainable vision.

Daniel Roibal H.

Fried Egg

His experience, and his creative and formative contribution in the business world, and acting as a coach and harmonizer of spaces, allow him to design and implement experiences and programs for the wellbeing with his own and original signature.

Carolina Delgado L.

Sweet Onion

His great journey in international humanitarian aid and being a coach, provide her an invaluable background as a Soul Tourism guide , where her know-how to be and to do, facilitate the growth and connection of each traveler.

Step Martínez C.


His experience as a route guide in Mallorca, together with the certifications granted by the Forest Therapy Institute as a Forest Bathing guide and Forest Therapy professional adds a differential value to the HF team.

Lara González G.


Positivity, creative ideas and curiosity are qualities that define our Community Manager. Graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, she makes us grow and communicate better in this digital field.

Fabián Madrigal L.

Rolled cheese

After taking advantage of his studies in business administration, the camera began to teach him new routes, people and new ways of seeing life, completing a memory and a singular aesthetic vision that he transferred to the HF language




If we let ourselves be surprised, the journey reveals who we are

We design and impart soul experiences for travelers and tourism companies, committed to personal growth and sustainability.

Tourism with soul incorporates a layer of personal development, integral wellness and wellbeing of different intensity depending on the product. It involves living experiences with a greater degree of consciousness and longing for transcendentality, to abound in the path of happiness and full life, taking advantage of the generosity of sharing in a group, the integrating force of nature and the energy of the tourist attractions of the place.


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Tours, guide training, personalized experiences for companies with comprehensive wellness projects that result in Soul Tourism, according to their appearance, style and own values.


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Routes through different places of special interest, where we experience ordinary tourist activity tinged with a friendly layer of daily activities for personal development.


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Programs in unique settings, where we gently and intensively explore the dimensions of wellbeing to find meaning in life inspired by nature.



Forest bathing and human gardening in vineyard


Mesa de trabajo 1

Routes and retreats BlueWellness

Costa Rica

Mesa de trabajo 3

Corporate Wellness Retreat

Costa Rica

Mesa de trabajo 3

Soul Tourism Experience Osa

Costa Rica

Mesa de trabajo 7

Soul Tourism Experience Osa

Costa Rica


Product conceptualization and Route design for wellbeing

Costa Rica

Mesa de trabajo 5

El Sendero del Pizote Retreat


Alliance for Soul Tourism



Creating projects, trust in people.

Companies, regardless of their size, focus on four management axes: values, processes, results, and the development of talent and the human side of organizations. We promote Corporative Wellbeing through different formats that seek to encompass complementary objectives such as commitment, vocational motivation, creativity, social skills, emotional and stress management, and the alignment of values ​​for greater team cohesion.

Wellbeing outdoors

Sessions, retreats or experiential trips designed with experiences that affect the four forms of learning: physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive, such as Forest Baths, exploring the states of stillness, dynamics that use the metaphor of Human Gardening or Coaching tools.


In social skills for professionals. Formation of the transversal figure of the director of happiness or soul manager. As well as a tour guide with a focus on personal and spiritual growth.


Customized design and implementation of Corporative Wellness and Creativity programs for companies committed to developing talent and the human side of organizations that revert to the improvement of results and processes.


Become aware of healthy, efficient and creative corporate spaces, to encourage productivity and a good work environment. A reception space or the management office should express the values ​​of the company.


Corporative wellbeing Outdoors. Forest baths


Dynamic strategic plan. Communication consultancy and creativity teams


Corporate Strategy Outdoor


Mesa de trabajo 1

Corporate Wellness Routes and Retreat

Costa Rica

Wellness Training Course



Tell me how is your space and I’ll tell you who you are.

Each of the spaces that we inhabit, of which we are protagonists, tell a story. They are a reflection of our values ​​and a way of expressing our own life experience. Given the training and experience of our team, we propose the spatial dimension of wellbeing, as one more dimension of Integral Wellbeing, by recognizing the influence that spaces have in our lives.
We design projects based on functionality, aesthetics and the cognitive relationship; and we harmonize spaces through Feng Shui. In both cases, for residential, tourist, corporate and landscape spaces.


We create or modify the space as a result of the aesthetics, the function and the use of the client. We are committed to create spaces that excite and inspire your habitability.


We design landscaping projects in balance and respect for the environment, either outdoors or indoors to generate or rehabilitate open spaces in search of well-being.


Through the knowledge provided by the discipline of Feng Shui and neuroarchitecture, we manage to adapt the space and create an atmosphere adapted to the client's requirements.


What is inside your yolk?

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